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my name is Tristan and I'm a freelance full stack web developer, UI designer and technical consultant. I specialize in concept implementation and CMS systems, but with over a decade of professional experience and a thirst for knowledge I can handle pretty much any project.

Some of my past work includes:

  • Developing custom themes, plugins and modifiers for existing CMS systems (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, ....)
  • Mobile and desktop UI/UX design and implementation
  • AJAX-based single page UI development
  • Socket-level communications for web applications
  • Back end development using existing and custom frameworks
  • Design and implementation of RESTful APIs
  • Triage of server security breaches
  • Custom database design and large volume data handling
  • Technical consultation on framework and software solutions

If you're looking for a developer that can transform your project parameters into clean code with a low turn around time, look no further.


Something Fabulous

I provided supplementary programming and server management services to an external design team for an existing Wordpress-based website. Services rendered included security evaluation, restoration of damaged databases and migration/reconstruction of content across multiple servers.

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Rondout Valley Growers

Stepping in to take over for a previous developer who had already accomplished a large portion of the original project, I expanded on the existing work to solve lingering issues and provide additional features.


This extensive project began with renewing an aging Wordpress platform with full security and feature updates to bring it in line with current technology. The existing custom theme also needed to be updated to be mobile friendly in order to meet the client's expectations.


Next, the client needed specific functionalities that demanded a great deal more than a typical Wordpress installation is capable of. These functions, implemented using a combination of existing plugins and custom extensions, included:

  • Separate user and administrator authentication
  • Subscription-based user authentication
  • A customized searchable/sortable directory with ties to the subscription system
  • Customized slideshow and feature content systems


Through a combination of existing plugins and custom code I was able to provide extensive customization options. For example, the ability to adjust locations and appearances of sidebars on specific pages and reference common content sections across multiple pages to simplify maintenance.

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A Natural Chef

This project consisted of full stack web development based on Wordpress 4.3. Responsibilities included server and database set-up, platform configuration, security and initial content deployment.

Look and feel of the site was achieved with a hand coded template based on Photoshop design files including flexible menu and sidebar systems using existing Wordpress features.

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The Den of Marbletown

For this project I provided affordable translation of existing design sensibilities into a functional custom theme for Wordpress 4.1 that maintained the classical aesthetic.

The client also desired an online presence for their traditional shop which was accomplished using the well known WooCommerce extension.

Additional accomplishments of this project included:

  • Edit the original background image to tile seamlessly
  • Create functional and customizable menus for the top and main navigation bars
  • Implement a custom lightbox/gallery solution with a simple management interface
  • Translate existing design features like triple borders into pure CSS solutions
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Bali Children's Project

I provided affordable reduced cost development services for this non-profit charitable organization and used knowledge of HTML4, CSS2 and PHP4 to translate existing design specifications into functional plugins and themes to function with Wordpress 4.1.

Additional responsibilities on this project included automating rapid deployment of large quantities of existing content and providing technical consultation on certain aspects of user interface design and technology choices to best serve the client's present and future needs.

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Handcrafted Builders

Provided with a layered and annotated Photoshop file, I hand crafted an efficient and minimalistic theme for a standard Wordpress 4.1 installation.

Additional services provided with this standard deployment included server set up, security evaluation, plugin installation and content conversion.

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Stylo Furniture & Design

In the case of Stylo Furniture & Design I provided triage services for an existing Wordpress 4.0 site that was malfunctioning.

Drawing on experience in a number of fields I was able to...

  • ...restore functionality of the ecommerce shop
  • ...implement new contact form funcitonality
  • ...allow the client to cleanly and simply open and close portions of the site that were not ready for prime time
  • ...provide search engine optimization and counseling
  • ...bring all existing software and plugins up to date with current releases
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Pidcock Coaching Partners

In the case of Pidcock Coaching Partners I converted a traditional design into a dynamic website easily updatable by the client. PHP, CSS and Javascript were used to provide eye catching dynamic elements such as slide shows and randomized quotes based on original design.

Image based text was converted into search enabled web font text and certain design elements were updated to maximize user friendliness on the new platform.

Additional services:

  • Mass conversion of existing content
  • Special styling for specific pages
  • Enabling simple blogging
  • Search engine optimization
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Jesse Browner

Contracted to make an existing DreamWeaver based website mobile friendly, I used external tools to expand the existing style and function with modern responsive design principles while maintaining full compatibility with the original build tools.

Using minimal structural changes and modular CSS3 I was able to provide the client with a fully functional responsive presentational and navigational systems that retroactively adapted all existing content.

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Wendy Kagan

In the case of Wendy Kagan I was contracted to revive a site that had been completely disabled by malicious intruders. As part of the recovery process I...

  • ...compared active records to existing backups
  • ...migrated and updated content
  • ...swept existing files for malicious code
  • ...closed the gaps that had allowed access in the first place

With recovery complete I proceeded to update existing software and perform a full security evaluation to guard against any future attacks.

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Jet Blue Careers

Currently the 5th largest airline in the United States, JetBlue was looking to support its continued growth with a new informational directory for prospective employees. I was contracted to handle all technical aspects of this important project while the design was developed separately.

The Result was an attractive and efficient information portal based on the Wordpress platform. This structure allowed JetBlue's human resources staff to easily maintain and update essential information with familiar and well established interfaces.

Duties and services included hand crafting an eye-catching template from scratch (HTML5, CSS3 and PHP5), working closely with existing JetBlue technical staff to ensure smooth integration with existing properties, and management of existing server resources in conjunction with deployment of new assets including emergency handling of issues during off hours.

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